Course curriculum

  • 2


    • Intro to Bullish Impulse Scan
    • Overview of The Lesson
    • Scan Components
    • Price & Volume Criteria
    • DMI/ADX Criteria and Settings
    • EMA Criteria & Settings
    • CCI Criteria & Settings
    • CMF Criteria & Settings
    • Oscillator Criteria & Settings
    • ProfitSource Setup
    • Reviewing Results
    • Practical Application
  • 3


    • Overview
    • Introduction and Topics We'll Cover
    • Scan Components
    • Price and Volume Criteria and Settings
    • DMA Criteria and Settings
    • DMI and ADX Criteria and Settings
    • Elliott Wave 5
    • ProfitSource Setup
    • Setting Up The Corrective Scans
    • Accessing Pre-Computed Scans
    • Reviewing The Results
    • Avoid Sideways Counts
    • Avoid Messy Counts
    • Practical Application
    • ProfitSource Setup
  • 4


    • Consolidating Scan Introduction
    • Topics We'll Cover
    • Consolidating Scan Overview
    • Components of The Scan
    • Price and Volume Criteria
    • DMI/ADX Criteria and Settings
    • ProfitSource Setup
    • Reviewing Results
    • Practical Application
  • 5


    • Live TradeScan Recording -DMI/ADX Trading System
    • Live TradeScan Recording -Moving Averages
    • Live TradeScan Recording - Chaikin Money Flow (CMF)
    • Live TradeScan Recording - Commodity Channel Index (CCI)

Includes 3 powerful scans!

Ready to learn exactly how we find trades?

A critical first stage in any trading system is identifying trading opportunities among the myriad of securities and markets every day .... Where do you start? What is the best criteria?... and what tools can you use? Rob Roy has refined his trade scanning process over many years … through the EWO TradeScan Course, he’ll share complete details of his specific methods with you. You’ll learn exactly how Rob finds potential trade candidates that he then qualifies as Trade Alerts using Elliott Wave analysis!

Learn directly from Rob

You can't beat experience!

There is nothing like having a professional trader take you through the scans that he uses to find trade candidates and hearing first hand how he analyses the results!

Get detailed Scan Critera

Be able to set them up yourself!

For each of the scans that Rob covers in the training course, full details of each component and criteria are included in the format shown making it easy for you to replicate these scans and set them up in your favorite charting software.